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      Zach Thomas

      Assistant Account Manager

      About Me

      I was born in Hastings, Nebraska. I have a bachelor’s degree in Music with an emphasis in Business from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where I played percussion in multiple ensembles and productions. I have since refocused my musical endeavors toward teaching, and I volunteer my time at local schools to help preserve art programs. When not working or teaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two dogs, Scout and Spud.

      My Work

      I’m the numbers guy. My work is based around gathering data from multiple sources, interpreting that data, and helping my team build proactive marketing solutions for our clients. This requires a lot of hours staring into the abyss of Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Google My Business, as well as number crunching to find the best ROI. But having this forecasting and reporting makes sure that we are always supplying the best solutions for our clients.

      Fun Facts

      • I’m a proud Band Geek and have performed with every percussion instrument in a marching band at least once.
      • DC > Marvel (unless we are talking movies).
      • I’m a coffee enthusiast.
      • I caught the original 151 Pokémon before Pokémon Go.

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