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      Ross Allen

      Ross Allen

      SEO Director

      About Me

      I’m Ross Allen, and I was born and raised in Leicester, England. I have a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Multimedia Computing from De Montfort University in Leicester. I moved to Omaha in September 2013 to be with my then fiancée, now wife, Aubrey, and begin a new exciting life together. We have two dogs; Sadie, a long-haired Chihuahua, and Whisky, a Schnoodle. We also have a cat named Ollie.

      My Work

      I spend half of my time optimizing websites, both internal and client, helping those sites achieve their highest potential within search engine results. The other 50% of my time, I’m buried in statistics, analyzing them, identifying patterns and trends, and producing reports that tell a story.

      Fun Facts

      • I’m a keen sportsman and play football (soccer) every week and golf when I can.
      • I love to ride my bicycle and can regularly be seen on the trails of Omaha and beyond.
      • One of my passions is listening to music. You’ll often find me with music in my ears or at a concert.
      • I am the founder of ThisIsNotAScene.com, a music review website.
      • When I’m not doing the above, I like to wind down with a craft beer and play video games.

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