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      Jessica Clem

      Jessica Clem

      Content Strategist

      About Me

      I was raised on a farm outside of a village in Nebraska, where my best friends were an obese pony with one blue and one brown eye and a kitten named Midnight. I finally learned some social skills in high school, embraced angst in undergrad, and converted to introversion in grad school. After dumping some cash in the liberal arts education system, wearing my passport down, and thankfully not developing a gluten allergy, you can find me trying to be funny on Twitter, running for fun, and writing engaging copy for our clients.

      My Work

      I am a content strategist, meaning I strategically try not to get food stuck in my keyboard while researching and writing great content.

      Fun Facts

      • My favorite epoch is the Triassic era.
      • I’ve been attacked by nearly every species of farm fowl.
      • I once kissed surf guitar legend Dick Dale during a concert.
      • My favorite cloud is the cirrus.

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