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      Elle Koris

      Junior Editor

      About Me

      Born and raised in Nebraska, I always call this state home despite the constant cold. My childhood dream was to write my own children’s book, so I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While writing is my passion, my family is the most important thing to me, and I wear my title of “Dog Aunt” with pride.

      My Work

      As Junior Editor, I act as an extra set of eyes to look over content. I read over the material our content team has developed and check if it’s clear, concise, organized, and readable for the intended audience. In between editing, I also assist and collaborate with our Content Strategists on writing projects.

      Fun Facts

      • When I was three, I was featured in a Colorado newspaper for petting a purple cow statue, even though we didn’t live there.
      • My spirit animal is a sloth.
      • I’ve watched every season of The Office at least seven times.
      • My favorite food is any type of cake.
      • I cry at videos of Gordon Ramsay complimenting people’s food.

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