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      Bill Hipsher, Co-Founder

      Bill Hipsher


      I’m one of the founders of B² Interactive. I’m entering the third decade of the “career” portion of my life and enjoy what I get to do for a living more and more every day.

      I was born in Omaha and have spent almost my entire life here. I grew up in La Vista, Nebraska, and attended Papillion-La Vista High School (before there were two Papillion high schools). I stayed in Omaha to attend the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where I studied real estate and land use economics.

      My first introduction to technology is about the same as many other Gen-Xers who can still remember the day the Macintosh computers were first installed in our elementary schools. I had my first computer programming class in middle school and built my first “program” in that class. I built my first website in the mid ’90s. I built several more, which quickly turned into my first web company called Omaha Web Ventures. But building and handing off custom websites to businesses that would let them sit for years wasn’t fulfilling for me, so I sold Omaha Web Ventures in the early 2000s and continued with other business ventures.

      I’ve worked in every aspect of commercial real estate and real estate development—multi-family, retail, industrial, restaurant, hospitality, and both private development and public-private development ventures. My real estate career started with the best business mentor I could’ve asked for at PJ Morgan Real Estate. I co-founded CornerStone Commercial Real Estate in Omaha in 2001 and was Executive Vice President of Development & Equity Services Corp of Omaha through the mid-2000s.

      When Brandon Taylor and I started B² Interactive, it was with an understanding that we were better together for our clients. Brandon had similarly unfulfilling experiences in owning web design companies that handed off websites to business owners when they were finished without a plan for how that website would evolve to meet the business owner’s needs. That’s why my focus today is on the digital marketing and business development aspects of our company while Brandon brings the technology pieces to our company and builds the tools we need to deploy innovative digital marketing strategies for our clients.

      Working in Omaha for the bulk of the last 20 years has been very rewarding. You don’t realize how great of a business environment you have here until you get out of Omaha and start seeing the things businesses in other markets struggle with that we don’t.

      We know what other business owners are going through as we are living it ourselves. Bringing that understanding and urgency into our digital marketing strategies is one of the things that makes B² Interactive different than many others in this relatively new industry.

      My wife Katie, our four children, two dogs, and I still call Omaha home but spend a good portion of the year living in markets where we’ve built an agency presence. When not working you are likely to find us road tripping throughout the US – seeing the social, economic, and cultural diversity of the United States from the road has been rewarding and valuable in so many ways for all of us. Regardless of where we are, our home is lively, and getting home to my wife and my kids is the best part of my day.

      Brandon and I both have families, and while we’ve received many awards for our entrepreneurial efforts over the years, we don’t fit into the mold of most of the entrepreneurs we are nominated alongside. We identify more with small-business owners who have families to support, both financially and by being present. There’s something at home to keep us grounded to the real world and helps us connect with the business owners we serve who are building something to support their own families.

      Bill Hipsher’s Areas of Expertise

      Building a Strong Online Presence and Increasing Visibility for Brands Through:

      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • Content Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • PR
      • Digital Marketing

      Ensuring Brands Get the Most Out of Each Visitor:

      • Conversion Rate Optimization
      • Telling a Better Brand Story

      Building Partnerships:

      • Business Development
      • Business Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Strategic Partnership Development

      Other Positions Held by Bill Hipsher:

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