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      Angie Flaherty

      Angie Flaherty

      Business & HR Manager

      About Me

      I was born and raised in Chicago and lived in Denver for about ten years before making my way to Omaha. I have built my career with a focus on office management and human resources and love that I get to do both of those things, plus more at b2i. I’m married and have two sons. I spend most of my free time watching my boys play sports and running.

      My Work

      As Business Manager, I’m responsible for many things at B² Interactive. My focus most days is project management. I work with our team and clients to keep things on track and moving along smoothly. I’m also responsible for office management and human resources. Maintaining our coffee supply is a top priority, as is making sure our team knows how much b2i values them!

      Fun Facts

      • Although most people think my running habit is insane, it’s what keeps me sane!
      • I have a major case of puppy love for my two fur babies, Crosby and Chloe.
      • I survived teaching a teenager how to drive.
      • I built my own standing desk and stand full-time.

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