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      Meet The B² Interactive Team

      With years of experience working in web design, SEO, and local search optimization, you can count on the digital marketing professionals behind B² Interactive. Because our industry is constantly changing with search engine algorithms, design trends, and new technology, we approach our work with adaptability, innovation, and thorough research. It’s what makes us leaders in our local industry.

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      Meghan Trapp, Local Search Director

      Meghan Trapp

      Agency Director

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      Aaron Mackel, Content Director

      Chris Gorman

      Business Development Director

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      Abby Farrens, Account Manager

      Abby Farrens

      Account Manager

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      Angie Flaherty, Business & HR Manager

      Angie Flaherty

      Business & HR Manager

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      Max Riffner, Creative Director

      Max Riffner

      Creative Director

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      Ross Allen, SEO Director

      Ross Allen

      SEO Director

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      Bailey Hemphill, Brand Manager

      Bailey Hemphill

      Content Director

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      Aaron Mackel, Senior SEO Strategist and Project Manager

      Aaron Mackel

      Senior SEO Strategist & Project Manager

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      Colin Ball, Digital Marketing Strategist

      Colin Ball

      Content Manager

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      Jessica Clem, Digital Marketing Strategist

      Jessica Clem

      Content Strategist

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      Cassie Kernick, Digital Marketing Strategist

      Cassie Kernick

      Content Strategist

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      Allie Burkey, Local Search Strategist

      Allie Burkey

      Local Search Strategist

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      Alexi English, Local Search Strategist

      Alexi English

      Local Search Strategist

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      Morgan Fogelman, Local Search Strategist

      Morgan Fogelman

      Local Search Strategist

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      Dan Webb, Software Engineer

      Dan Webb

      Software Engineer

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      Zach Thomas, Assistant Account Manager

      Zach Thomas

      Reporting Manager

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      Need a Custom Website?

      With our web design services, we can build a website from scratch, update an outdated design, or build the custom functionality you need to accomplish your online marketing goals.

      Need an SEO Audit?

      If you have a website that's struggling in search engine results, our search engine optimization (SEO) services can identify opportunities for improvement and address issues that are hurting your online efforts.

      Let's Work Together

      Want to chat about how we can help your business or organization online? We love to talk about web design, SEO, and local search. Drop us a note, and we’ll find a time convenient for you to hop on the phone or get together.

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