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      If the current pace continues, tablets will outsell PCs by Q2 of 2014 according to TechCrunch.com. While 2014 isn’t that far away, they also imply that this is a conservative estimate and it could happen faster. For Omaha web design, this is significant. Mobile browsing is already a huge factor and it is accelerating rapidly. Websites MUST be able to accommodate the changing market. This makes responsive design more important than ever. At B² Interactive we have discussed the importance of this before, but it can’t be overstated.

      So what the above statement says is that people love tablets. They are incredibly popular and are being bought by more and more people. Often, they are replacing a PC entirely and are not just a convenient option to carry around the house. This means that a lot of browsing is done on these devices. The problem is, many websites are not built to handle the demands of a tablet. Websites built with only desktop use in mind will not look or respond well to a mobile browser. If your website fits that description, it is time to upgrade. Websites are a major part of many businesses and if a large percentage of visitors are on mobile devices, a large percentage of visitors are going to be unimpressed, annoyed, and ultimately will just leave the website to find another. Having an Omaha web design that can stun on these devices is very important.

      Responsive design is the solution to the problems mentioned above. What responsive design does is identifies the size of the screen that is being used and adjusts the way the content is being displayed to look good and be usable on any size of screen. This means that a website with responsive design can handle any device that it is viewed on with ease.

      For businesses, keeping a website up to date is critical. People often find businesses online and the website is their first impression of that business. Make sure that it is a good one no matter what size of screen they are using.

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