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      Content marketing, multimedia marketing, local listing management, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing—these are all services commonly used to market websites and digital businesses. Getting the most for your money with a digital marketing plan means using all of (or, at least, most of) these services.

      With only a few options for marketing your business the “traditional” way—that is, through print, radio, television, billboards, bus benches, etc., which could cost you over $100,000/month for great placement—digital marketing might be a better option.

      But many businesses, especially those who haven’t made the leap to online presences, aren’t willing to spend the money to create a solid digital marketing plan because they don’t believe it’s worthwhile. This is bewildering. For one, digital marketing has the potential to reach audiences that are sometimes impossible to reach with traditional marketing. And beyond that, it’s much more affordable than people think.

      What’s the cost? Many sites may make you believe that all of these services together could cost over $5,000 a month. Honestly, this isn’t the case. Here’s a better breakdown.**

      • Content Marketing: Prices could be as low as $40 per article or blog post to as high as $100, depending on word count, of course.
      • Multimedia marketing: Purchasing your own camera and lighting would be more expensive. At most, this would be a $500 one-time cost.
      • Local Listing Management: On your own, this could cost over $1,000/month. Many agencies (including B² Interactive) charge as low as $99/month.
      • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: With PPC, you only pay when your ad gets clicks. On average, you’re probably looking at around $100+ a month.
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This could be your most expensive monthly charge, but once again, it all comes down to the agency you choose to work with.
      • Social Media Marketing: For the most part, social media is free, especially if you choose to do it in-house. Some agencies will include SMM as part of the content marketing package, which means costs will get rolled together. Otherwise, you’re only looking at paying for sponsored posts and ads, the budget of which you define.

      Digital marketing may be relatively new, but it’s one the best marketing options out there for your business. And if you’ve already built a reputation with traditional marketing, digital marketing can be a great supplement. Nevertheless, don’t let the idea of the cost turn you away from grabbing a bigger share of the market that’s out there. Find the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that work best for you and run with it.

      B² Interactive is always happy to talk with businesses about new ways to enhance their online presence. If you’re in the Omaha-area, give us a call (402-930-9990) or send us an email (info@b2interactive.com) to set up a free consultation today.

      **All costs, with the exception of local listings, are estimations based around industry standards.

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