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The digital marketing landscape is always changing. While some of that change can be attributed to technological advancements and evolving search engine algorithms, the truth is the Internet is just getting more crowded. For businesses, this presents a consistent challenge—how can you get seen by your consumers?

Visibility is key for any business online. Being front and center helps you attract new consumers, lead traffic to your website, and even drive conversions like getting a customer to make an online purchase or a potential lead to inquire about your services. But if you’re not showing up anywhere online, it’s hard to take advantage of these opportunities.

At B² Interactive, we want to help you reach these opportunities. That’s why each of the digital marketing services in our lineup are designed to put you on the map. With current best practices and innovative digital solutions, we can make your business, your website, and your products or services more visible to your target demographic online.

We don’t see digital marketing as a plan with a strict or repetitive formula that has to be applied to every client in every industry. It should always be unique to your business, your industry, and your consumers in order to successfully meet your needs.

We do, however, believe that digital marketing requires a cohesive effort to be truly effective and accomplish your goals. In other words, you can’t have content marketing without search engine optimization (SEO) because they work together to improve your online visibility. If you want to reach your target audience in more places online, then you have to be visible in more places online. And that’s exactly what an integrated digital marketing plan does.

When it comes to an integrated marketing strategy for your business, creating and sharing compelling content, driving conversions through paid search advertising, building a strong social media following, and reinforcing your brand with videos should be the main focus.

Through services like content marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and video marketing, your business will show up in more places online, communicate and engage with consumers more easily, and establish consistent brand messaging.



You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king” before. It’s something every content marketing expert lives by. And while we like to think that every aspect of digital marketing is king, it’s true that content marketing is the meat of your online marketing. Without content on your website, you have nothing for search engines to find or site visitors to read.

The power of truly great content is undeniable. It can tell your company’s story, answer questions consumers may have about your products or services, drive sales through call-to-action items, keep consumers interested in visiting your site on a regular basis, and help your website show up more often in search engine results for industry-related keywords.

We will create high-quality webpage and blog content to help your website see the full benefits of content marketing. We can also develop a web copywriting and blogging strategy with your target audience, influencer outreach, and SEO goals in mind to get you in front of both consumers and search engines.



Whether you’re a small business or a national corporation, pay-per-click advertising (also called paid search or PPC advertising) can provide an incredible return on investment when done properly. It can drive traffic to your website where consumers can take immediate action (i.e., make a purchase, fill out a contact form to begin the onboarding process, etc.).

But PPC isn’t arbitrary, nor is it a set-and-forget strategy. It’s a carefully planned and executed campaign to help your business target the most cost-effective keywords and see meaningful conversions. That means you need strong calls-to-action, in-depth keyword research, and constant management and testing of your paid search campaigns.

We can build, optimize, and manage your paid media campaigns to ensure your advertising fulfills your goals and stays within your budget.



Social media’s role in digital marketing has changed over the last few years. It’s gone far beyond sharing content, managing fan comments, and collecting likes or favorites. Today, it’s a fully-fledged marketing strategy that works in conjunction with content marketing, PPC advertising, and video marketing to boost brand visibility, drive website traffic, and lead consumers through the conversion funnel.

By establishing your social media following, working with industry influencers to improve your content’s overall reach and engagement, and determining when to use paid promotion to target actionable audiences, your social media marketing can go from novice to pro.

We can step up your social media marketing game with paid promotion, audience analysis, and influencer outreach to turn your social media followers into loyal customers.



As Internet culture pushes for more visual content across the web—on webpages and blog posts, as well as in social media posts and online advertisements—video marketing has become increasingly important. If you’re not creating videos to accompany your content and social media marketing efforts, then you’re leagues behind everyone else online.

Whether it’s telling your company’s story, expanding your online presence, or entertaining your audience, video marketing helps you go the extra mile. Not only can it bring more people to your website and keep them there for longer than a few seconds, but it can also strengthen your company’s branding and help you reach different consumer demographics.

We can produce professional videos, live and animated, for your business. Our process begins with understanding your brand vision and marketing goals and ends with executing your visual content, from filming and editing to promoting your videos on the best platforms.

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