Colin Ball | Digital Marketing Strategist

Colin Ball | Digital Marketing Strategist

Who I Am

I grew up in Naperville, Illinois, along with my two older brothers, parents, and three dogs (not at the same time, but over the course of time). I went to Creighton University and have a BA in Journalism with focus on News and Advertising. I was the seventh person hired at b2i. Yes, I brag about that.

colin-ball-bwWhat I Do

At B² Interactive, I focus on helping to build the brands that we own (b2i, Hurrdat, and A lot of my time is spent writing blog posts, creating webpage content, and updating SEO issues across our websites, such as duplicate or too-long meta descriptions and pages titles. Additionally, I lead our internship program.

Fun Facts

  • I love Purdue University. Which in Nebraska is quite weird.
  • I kind of have one pet. Weird sidenote: It’s a pillow pet. Named Hal.
  • There are about six songs in my iTunes library with more than 10,000 listens.
  • I’m tall. Yes, I do play basketball occasionally, and I did in high school. No, I didn’t play in college.
  • I have an inability to watch horror movies. I also was afraid of the dark until I was about 24.

Follow Me

Twitter: @colin_ball13